Safiyah, Ria and Steven's paper published in ACS Catalysis!

Safiyah, Ria and Steven publish their work on the hyperpolarization of structurally intact olefins via a combination of .

Courtney and Tabitha's paper published in Journal of Coordination Chemistry!

Courtney and Tabitha publish their work on the synthesis of cobalt and iron complexes of a tripodal ligand featuring two hydrogen-bond donors or acceptors.

Joe's paper published in Organometallics!

Joe publishes his work on cobalt-catalyzed ammonia borane dehydrogenation and the isolation of a cobalt hydride-amidoborane complex.

Improved perchlorated reduction
Michael, Tabitha, and Courtney's paper published in ACS Catalysis!

Michael, Tabitha, and Courtney publish their work on improving catalyst turnover in iron-catalyzed perchlorate reduction.

Zack, Tabitha, Clare, and Michael's paper published in Inorganic Chemistry!

Zack, Tabitha, Clare, Ellen, and Michael publish their work on the synthesis and characterization of Iron(III)-oxo and -hydroxo complexes derived from O2 activation.

Safiyah, Joe, and Kenan's paper published in Organometallics!

Safiyah, Joe, and Kenan publish their work on the effect of electronic ligand modifications on (MesCCC)Co towards alkyne semi-hydrogenation and alkene parahydrogenation.

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