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AF and DR
Alison and DR got a chance to catch up!
Box 2
BJ, KT, and CF: The Finest
The rising third years took home a fashion award from ACS Boston after giving their talks
Box 2
Group Meeting in the Hotel Lobby
Part of the group arrived back in the hotel lobby after the Tuesday sessions and were accosted by the paparazzi
Box 2
ZG, EM, and CF agree to always dress in matching button-downs.
Fout group deemed "stylish, savvy," said a random passerby
Box 2
YJP, EHM, and CF model Fabulous Fout Spring Uniform.
Said Ellen, "We were going for sprightly but relaxed, something Gabe could wear to Panda Express on a casual weekday."
Gabe @ ACS
Gabe presents his poster at ACS
Gabe presented his poster, titled "First-row transition metal tris(carbene)borate complexes featuring secondary coordination sphere hydrogen bonding," at the ACS National Meeting.

More photos:
Gabe and his poster

Yun Ji @ ACS
Yun Ji presents her poster at ACS
Yun Ji presented her poster, titled "Utilizing a modular ligand design featuring a secondary-coordination sphere to mediate multi-electron transformations," at the ACS National Meeting.
Dongyoung presents his poster at ACS
DK presented his poster, titled "Synthesis of primary anilines through Cobalt(I) catalyzed C-N bond coupling," at the ACS National Meeting.

More photos:
DK is Fueled by ACS
DK and MRB about to embark
DK in the hotel
Chemistry Quad
UIUC Chemistry Quad
UIUC's Chemistry Quad, CLSL AB Catwalk visible in center!
First group meeting
Fout Group Sept. 2012
The Fout group's first group meeting. Pictured, from left to right: Alison, Marshall, Sangeetha, Dongyoung
Marshall and Abdul's glovebox when it was first installed. (So clean!)
Glovebox delivery
New gloveboxess
Unpacking a glovebox for the first time requires a lot of effort!
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